The past thirty years of the world’s history are filled with major transformations of political and socio-economic systems. Once totalitarian regimes that controlled and governed every aspect of human life fell off. The propulsion for change largely came from the civil society clamoring for an end to authoritarian rule. The lessons learned from the past have clearly demonstrated the ability of citizens in creating peaceful and impactful change that was oftentimes overlooked.

What are the Civil Society Organizations?

Civil society comprises a multitude of groups, organizations, and associations that are operating outside of the government or businesses yet participating in public life. Civil Society Organizations (CSOs)…

By 2030, most of the world’s population is expected to be concentrated in the cities and if the trend remains, by 2050 nearly 80% of the global community will live in an urban environment. As we already observe the rapid influx of people into cities, many countries come to face several crucial sustainability challenges such as elevated traffic levels, increased congestion, and enhanced carbon emissions and pollution. Contemporary urbanization calls for mobility solutions that are coherent with land use and promote the growth and competitiveness of the cities.

The challenges of urbanization have opened up multiple doors to innovative technologies…

Manufacturing Improvement Through Digital Lean

The Origins and the Concept of Lean Manufacturing

Toyota Production System (TPS) is one of the world’s most successful manufacturing stories that has turned into a global philosophy of process optimization. TPS is widely known as “lean manufacturing”, where waste is minimized by eliminating production activities that create no value to the customers. Typical wastes for manufacturing environments are categorized into 7 classes and for each, there is a strategy that reduces or eliminates its effect on the organization.

  • Overproduction
  • Waiting Time
  • Transportation
  • Excess/Unnecessary Inventory
  • Excess Motion
  • Defects
  • Over-Processing

The ultimate goal of lean manufacturing is to limit the resources…

Public Procurement encompasses a notable share of the economy in nearly every country. Many argue, that an effective public procurement system can play a vital role in the development of any given nation and build up a truly capable state. Therefore, the lack of transparency and corruption can undermine existing paper-based systems and result in significant losses that are estimated to account for billions of dollars yearly. Electronic government procurement, also known as e-GP, can overcome the barriers of time and space, increase the level of transparency in procurement processes, and widen access to new markets and information.

E-GP is…

Lights, Heaters, Boilers, Washers, Chargers, Pumps- nothing can convey technological progress and development better than secure energy and electricity supply. Although access to electricity keeps climbing globally and has reached 87% of the World’s population, there are still many countries that are home to people without electricity.

Afghanistan’s Power Sector

Afghanistan — the country with a vast potential for energy production — suffers from one of the lowest rates of the population access to grid electricity. According to the estimates, only 30% of the citizens have access to electricity, while the rate of reliable access is somewhere between 10–15% only…

The Power of Data Analytics — Illuminating Fraud Schemes and Corruption — Risalat Consultants
The Power of Data Analytics — Illuminating Fraud Schemes and Corruption — Risalat Consultants

Fraudulent activities are of critical concern for many entities including financial organizations, insurance companies, governmental institutions, and individual investors. Both public and private projects have dark corners where corrupt actors can hide and thrive. Many contemporary organizations have been stepping up their efforts to detect and prevent fraud. However, spotting fraud patterns and clues can be quite complex most of the time. Thus, many entities still see fraud as a needle in the haystack.

What is Data Analytics in the Context of Fraud?

Data analytics , as it applies to fraud examination, refers to the use of analytics software to…

Why Solar Energy?

Throughout recent decades, the technology for harnessing energy from the sun has been expanding rapidly, at an average rate of 68% between 2006 and 2016. Clean, inexhaustible, sustainable energy that can slow down infamous climate change — the potential of solar power is enormous. More and more families across the globe are adopting clean energy technologies by installing conventional rooftop solar panels that are widely commercialized. Rooftop solar panels have become an increasingly efficient and cheap way for generating electricity. Although effective, the application of these panels does require extensive land parcels or roof spaces. …

Contemporary Migration is a highly complex phenomenon that is shaped by a convoluted set of factors. It has existed for centuries and has become a part of mankind’s shared history. Both the origins and the reverberations of are multifaceted and tangled, taking numerous forms from voluntary to forcible. The decision to migrate, be it on international or internal levels, tends to be heavily influenced by many circumstances such as economic conditions, employment or development opportunities, poverty, hunger, conflicts, environmental threats, or climate shocks. …

When it comes to digital transformation and e-governance, Estonia is an example many countries look up to. Today, 99% of the nation’s public services are available 24/7, 30% of the population votes electronically and according to country estimates its reduced bureaucracy accounts for 844 years of working time. The recent UN e-government survey ranks Estonia among the 3 most digitally advanced countries from 193 member states for the year 2020. Unquestionably, Estonia has turned into a successful example of a resilient and digital society for the whole world. Wondering what’s behind the success story? Then Keep Reading.

Steps to Digitalization

Over the past few decades, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has played a vigorous role in transforming our world. Especially today, AI presents itself in many different forms and influences our daily life. It is incontestable, that the potential of AI and robotics is nearly endless, opening up new doors for a vast array of industries. Inevitably, Healthcare is one of the latter. Technology allows for more accurate, systematic, and impactful interventions in patient care. Artificial Intelligence is expected to drive the changes and improvements towards healthcare excellence, by truly augmenting human activity.

Applications and Benefits of AI and Robotics in Healthcare

AI has become extremely sophisticated at doing what humans…

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