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Why Solar Energy?

Throughout recent decades, the technology for harnessing energy from the sun has been expanding rapidly, at an average rate of 68% between 2006 and 2016. Clean, inexhaustible, sustainable energy that can slow down infamous climate change — the potential of solar power is enormous. More and more families across the globe are adopting clean energy technologies by installing conventional rooftop solar panels that are widely commercialized. Rooftop solar panels have become an increasingly efficient and cheap way for generating electricity. Although effective, the application of these panels does require extensive land parcels or roof spaces. This is where the benefits of transparent solar panels can realize their full potential and extend our understanding of reforming future energy supply.

What is the Transparent Solar Panel?

A Transparent solar panel can be considered as the cutting-edge technology in solar energy supply. This development demolishes the borders of our previously known solar applications. Transparent panels and blinds can literally generate electricity from windows that can suffice the entire building. They can be easily deployed in a variety of settings such as a phone, a laptop, a car, etc. by easily replacing the traditional glass.

How does the transparent solar panel work?

A transparent solar panel allows the visible light to pass through. Instead, it harvests the invisible lights such as near-infrared rays and ultraviolet and then converts them into electricity. Once trapped these rays of light bounce up and down the piece of glass until they reach one of the edges, where a thin PV strip of solar cells is placed to convert that energy into electricity.

Transparent Solar Panels vs Traditional Solar Panels

Traditional panels have the maximum efficiency rate close to 23%, while transparent panels have recently hit the record of 8.1%. Researchers estimate that the effectiveness rate for transparent panels should be somewhere around 10%. Per sqm. the traditional solar panels prove to be more effective than the transparent ones. However, if we consider the range of application of transparent panels and the fact that we can utilize the entire vertical space rather than being limited to the rooftop area, we could realize that they can provide greater efficiency on a different level.

Solar Panel Blinds

Solar panel Blinds supplement transparent glass panels when using the windows to generate electricity. These blinds combine the essential function of blocking direct sunrays with solar power harvesting. Solar Panel blinds can be installed both inside or outside of the building, allowing you to control their angle and positioning.

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